The undeniable perks of simple website design

  • Less expensive

  • Better for phones and tablets

  • Faster download speeds

  • Easy maintenance

  • Helps keep their focus

  • Faster decisions by vistors

  • Better legibility

  • Easier navigation

*Oh yeah, people do not like pop-ups.

Some of our work


Less really is more

Some clients ask, “If I put more buttons, more opportunities to sign up, or subscribe, or BUY NOW!, these are better… right?”


Pulling their focus in too many directions will decrease the likelihood they will act on any of those opportunities.

One mad scientist called it “decision fatigue” or something nerdy like that.

Simplify your web page by eliminating those extra frills and thrills.





Michael was fun to work with.

“My web site was a mess. Over a few days and a few beers he asked good questions and got rid of a lot of junk and now my website seems to be bringing in more people.”

— L.L.

Good work!

“Easy process. Quick work. Would recommend to anyone”

— J.C.

They argued with me a little but I really appreciate it now!

“I had an idea of what I wanted and was pretty firm about it. They pushed back a bit and I started to understand this “simple” design idea better, and now I’m really happy with how my site turned out! Thanks for not giving up on me guys!”

— S.B.