A Picture is worth a thousand words (multiply that by video)

We’d say at LEAST a thousand words. Nowadays, people like to see or watch things rather than read things. It’s a shame but, evolve or perish, right?

• • • three reasons • • •

1. Your visuals represent your business

Low quality, unprofessional photos communicate the same about your business. What they see is what they think they’ll get so don’t skimp.

2. Images help you get found on the web

You’ve heard of SEO? If not, we really need to talk. One element of SEO are images and Google can tell if your images are good or not. Photos and videos help your site get found and perform better in search results while also keeping the viewer engaged and on your site longer.

3. good Photos are versatile assets worth the investment

Online, in addition to your website they should be used on social media, blog posts, email campaigns, and digital articles.

Offline, the same photos should be in high resolution and in larger sizes so they can be used in print materials. By investing in quality photography, you have more ammunition that is used to enhance your marketing efforts in a plethora of ways.