Minimal advertising is not an oxymoron

The very idea of stripping away elements and text from advertising might seem counterproductive, but it’s not.


Simple concept, quality visuals, clear message, minimal design.

Success lies in the ability to explain complex ideas in a simplistic way. If we can communicate in a single paragraph what competitors need two pages to explain, then we have the advantage.

Intelligence + humor

How does NASA organize a party? They Planet.

Now that I’ve got your attention for another paragraph or two, the reason simple advertising tends to be more effective is because it’s clever or funny. When we understand something clever, we make a connection in our mind. No one told us so we feel like we’ve achieved something, and that makes us feel smart.

As a result, that advertisement or business will stick in their head like a Phil Collins song.

Time saving

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. So in that vein, a good image rules, and too much text drools.

Final words on saying less

This isn’t an argument against copy or text-heavy advertising. We appreciate the written word but there are times when too many words should take a back seat. Concept, something nicely said, and a quality image is all you need. Nothing more.






Very happy customer here.

“My vacation rental business looks so much nicer now after they got their hands on it. The phones are definitely ringing more!”

— A.C.

Stellar work

“We can’t express enough how much we’re in love with our new logo, business cards, menus and magazine ads. Just stellar work Michael. Thank you.”

— N.R.

Not just our designer, but a new friend.

“Michael your work for our Acupuncture business has really set us off on the right track. Couldn’t have done it without you. Come in anytime.”

— A.K.