We’re so blessed to have found each other and create this rad little family. We work together to come up with ideas and strategies for our clients and we make some pretty awesome stuff.

We’re also blessed to have found clients/friends that fit right in.

Here are a few of our key players.


Michael Bailey

Graphic Designer

20+ years idealizing ideas, designing designs, and writing writings.

I’ve had the honor of holding the Creative Director position at several awesome agencies across America and I’m proud to take those skills and enjoy my own small business in a small town working for other small businesses.


Shania Du Bose


A native of Texas, born in Austin and a bit of a gypsy soul, I now call home the Texas Hill Country once again.

I love to capture in time the great outdoors and wildlife, however I am in no way limited to just this. I find my favorite subjects to capture are others’ passions and loves. Whether that be an event, a place, family, music, a significant other, or a small blooming business (this list can go on and on here:)


Cole Suttle

Copywriter/Idea Man

“Good marketing isn’t marketing. It’s interesting.” This mantra guides my work start to finish. I’ve been studying for years how the right words influence people to make their own decisions rather than selling or tricking them. It’s paramount to us to do so in this authentic and compelling way.