Re: Graphic Design

We produce minimal design for advertising because in many cases authentic, simple, to-the-point design is not only quicker and easier to influence a decision, it’s also less expensive.



Logos + Design

With over 20 years of experience, I can design just about anything, and in any style you can imagine. From album art to catalogs, wall art to direct mail pieces, clothing to trade show displays. Just ask!

PS. I also have the means to print and produce it all too.




Let’s keep your story simple because nowadays, the real competition isn’t other businesses, it’s all that clutter out there.

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We don’t like to be sold, but we love to buy. Authentic education about your business triumphs over telling them what to do.

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It’s not about selling, it’s about sharing, letting them make up their own mind. This builds stronger and longer relationships.

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A wealth of information -

creates a poverty of attention.

- Some Wiseguy



Pretty impressed!

“Bearbone made my website in less than a week and I’ve gotten some business and quite a few compliments already. Thanks Mike!”